Milbar Safety Wire Twist Pliers Are the world’s leading brand of Wire Twister Tools and Kits, Milbar® Wire Twisters are designed for the professional mechanic. Milbar forgings are made from high carbon alloy steel and are controlled throughout the manufacturing process to exacting engineering specifications. Each tool passes a series of rigorous quality assurance tests which ensure function and reliability under the most demanding environments.



Milbar® Wire Twisters come in three nominal sizes: 6”, 9” and 12”.
Diagonal (standard) or Tapered nose configurations are provided to complement specific applications and
user preference. Some models incorporate a Cushion Throat to catch clipped wire ends, preventing FOD (foreign object damage).
The Spring Return feature automatically retracts the twist rod to ease and speed the work.
Finally, Milbar® Wire Twisters can produce right-hand twists (clockwise action), left-hand twists or both (reversible action).

Safety Wire installation highlights Using Double Twist method with Milbar Pliers

1. The safety wire is installed so that, if the fastener has any tendency to loosen, it will cause the safety wire to tighten. 

2. The maximum span of safety wire (between tension points) shall be 6" (152 mm).

3. The maximum length of safety wire to be used in a single application is 24" (609 mm).

4. The number of twists per inch (1 twist = 1/2 complete turn) depends upon wire diameter: 0.020" to 0.025" dia., 8-14 twists; 0.032" to 0.041" dia., 6-11 twists; 0.051" to 0.060" dia., 4-9 twists.

5. The wire whic
h is looped around the outside of the fastener must always be routed UNDER the wire protruding from the hole (so that the loop will stay down and not cause slack). This often requires the direction of the wrap and twist of strands to REVERSE from run to run, or run to pigtail.

6. Pigtail should be no more than 3/4" long and have a minimum of four (4) twists.
Ends should be cut and bent toward fastener to prevent snags.

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